stanislav bakeev

Urban adventurer for the benefit of Krasnodar entrepreneurs


2018 - 2020

Municipal center for business development "Platforma"

Organization of work of the municipal center for business development Krasnodar. Repair and technical equipment of the building. Recruitment, training and setting up business processes for high-quality work of the center. Bitrix24 CRM implementation. Organizing and conducting business events. Organization of business consultations.

2014 - Present

CO-Place production

Production of media content. Development of service solutions for business. Implementation of CRM systems, development of Internet sites, creation of interactive presentations, 3D visualizations, development and publication of mobile applications.

2012 - Present

co-working CO-Place

Opening of the first co-working space in Krasnodar. Creation of a brand book, concepts, design of an Internet site, automation of business processes, implementation of CRM Bitrix24. Organization of the business community. The main direction of it companies, freelancers, design and e-Commerce. More than 1000 residents, 560 events. Organizing a network of co-working spaces to launch a franchise.

About Me

Business experience of more than 8 years. The main directions are organizing workspaces, equipping workspaces, business automation, and implementing CRM systems. My team performs it projects of any complexity from the development of technical specifications to the implementation and training of your staff.



Mobile app development


Management and personnel management


Higher school of international business


Automation and organization 95%
Interactive presentations 61%
CRM Bitrix24 89%
Mobile app development 50%
Web site & service 85%


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